Have you ever really thought about the business cards that you hand out? Really thought about it?


Well, if you own your own company, you certainly should be thinking about it! The right business card can say who you are and impress upon your contacts how serious (or not serious) you are about working with them.


We have put together several things to consider when it’s time to decide on what your business cards are going to tell others about your business.


  1. Just the facts.

The most obvious things to put on your business card are, well, obvious. Your name, company, office and cell phone, email and website. But what about a fax number? Do you have one? DO you want to receive faxes?

Most people scan and email these days. If you don’t want to be communicated with in a certain way, don’t share that information. For example, if you are never in your office and don’t have a receptionist, a land line number is just wasting real estate.


IMG_3840 IMG_3845 IMG_3854 IMG_3850


  1. Reminders or Checklists

A common use for a business card is to include an appointment reminder on the back. Or perhaps a list of things to bring to the next visit. A list of the services you provide or your areas of expertise could also be used.


The back of a business card is useful for telling others how you can serve them, and the added information can also remind them of what you talked about when you met. However, use it to strengthen your brand, not advertise.


The added cost of a two-sided card is small, compared to the value of added information.


IMG_3839 IMG_3838


  1. Paper quality

Yes, you can print your own cards, or even order from an online service. But how many times have you received an inexpensive card and rather than reading it, or continuing to speak with the person, been aware of the flimsy paper?


Inexpensive card paper can ruin your chance to make a positive first impression, so don’t skimp. It’s just not worth it.


IMG_3841 IMG_3852



  1. When to get creative

Most of the time, a basic business card with logo, glossy or matte paper finish and basic information is enough. But what about when you’re ready to make a splash?

Custom cards are not only memorable, they can also become works of art that are rarely thrown away.

This plastic, see through card is just one of the unique options M & R can provide to make your business cards memorable!


Ready to start creating your new business cards? Contacts us or drop by and let us help you design your memorable new marketing tool!


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